Show Me The Yellow – The Importance of Color in Investing

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” – Pablo Picaso

Human psychology is augmented by modern life via a continuous positive feedback loop. (And one must remember that if not for the human psyche, we would be neanderthals).  What else is there that sets man apart from monkey – proclivity for tree climbing notwithstanding? Observe the sociopath; one who is incapable of feeling and unable to exhibit emotion, a distinctly inhuman being, masquerading in the skin-sack of human form. Given a thick coat of fur and tough skin, little would be left to distinguish such a beastly creature from a member of the ape family. It is with emotion as the primary driving force that humanity adapts to the modern jungle. Mind melding with steel we have adopted unfamiliar dwellings and continuously altered our surroundings to fit our changing needs. Perhaps the most obvious example of human psychology assimilating modern life can be found in an all too commonly overlooked invention, the traffic light. Continue reading “Show Me The Yellow – The Importance of Color in Investing”