The Importance of FD, Food Diligence

Regular acolytes of my due diligence will recognize a particular affinity towards food stocks, this is not merely coincidence. Before embarking on due diligence, I believe one should conduct “food” diligence, the following food diligence examples show the methodology, visualization, self actualization, and emotional analysis of several public companies for which this concept was used: Continue reading “The Importance of FD, Food Diligence”

NASDAQ: TSLA; Why you claim that you rich? That’s a false claim

It’s 4:00 PM EST. You’ve been bagging groceries all day at the local Neighborhood Walmart and dreaming about a future filled with flying cars, universal healthcare, and social justice. That’s right, you’ve stopped taking your medication again and started investing heavily in NASDAQ: TSLA. Unfortunately, spending 6 years studying for an advanced degree in gender studies was only the second worst decision of your life.

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